Part time, on tap FD and financial planning services in Northumbria

Having a clear understanding of where your business is right now, in the current market and where its is going is critical to long term, profitable growth.

At AMT Northumbria we specialise in working with businesses across Northumbria to understand the past, the present and the future.
Putting in place clear plans that show exactly where you are heading and how to get there.

So if you are currently lacking direction and need a financial planning expert to advise and support you in taking your business to the next level AMT Northumbria can help.

We offer a range of business financial planning services that enable your business to thrive.

Virtual FD and financial planning solutions

At AMT Northumbria we will work with you to analyse your current financial information and develop the vision for your business.

Together we will set objectives, plan your strategy and regularly measure your progress against the plan. And at every step, you are benefiting from the local, national and international experience of AMT Northumbria . Meaning you will avoid common, expensive mistakes and focus your time, energy and money where it will be most effective.

We will also help you identify all of the different financial options available to help you grow your business. Working with your strategic plan we’ll then decide which route will best support your objectives as your business develops and grows.

Raising Finance for companies

There are times in the life of any business where it may need to raise new finance. Particularly as a business grows, finance may be required for expansion, diversification or acquisition.

Choosing the right finance option can be difficult but we are here to help you identify and compare the various options to ensure that you make the right decision.

Exit and succession planning from AMT

At some stage will you want to sell your business?

Whatever stage of your business journey, we encourage you to consider your long-term options. Your eventual exit will have an impact on the amount of Tax you pay but can also affect the sale of a business & how much you get for it. In the short term, it may also affect how you run your business, the type of clients you take on and even the structure of the organisation.

The team at AMT Business is able to help you plan for an eventual exit as early in your journey as you are

AMT Northumbria can help you sell

If you run a business and Monday mornings don’t feel the same anymore…

If you’ve had enough of ten-hour working days…

If you can’t remember when you last had a free Saturday…

It goes without saying this is a big decision and creating a new future is often dependent on you selling your business. If you really do want to make a new start, change your work/life balance, spend more time with your family or simply have more time for yourself, selling your business is usually a very real option.

So how do you go about selling your business?

Come and chat with one of our partners for a, no obligation confidential conversation as a great first step. You will find that we know what its like to wake up to the reality that selling your business is closer than you might expect. The great news is that if its correctly managed it will allow you the freedom to do whatever you wish, from spending time with friends and family to embarking on a whole new idea or business, can be hugely rewarding.

Of course you will have many questions in your mind, not least will be ‘How can I ensure I get maximum value when I sell?’ and ‘Is my company saleable?’