About AMT Northumbria advisors and accountants

AMT Northumbria accountants have been providing high quality, bespoke business advice and accounting solutions to individuals and companies in Northumbria and the Borders for over 12 years.

Today, we provide those services to a wide variety of individuals and businesses.

Our success is driven by our hard and determination to provide all clients with a fantastic service and great value for money.

Help is always at hand from AMT Northumbria Advisors & Accountants

We all know that the economic climate is tough. Companies of all sizeshave had to adapt the way they work. When we look at your accounts, we:

  • Develop solutions that aim to minimise your tax liability
  • Help you to identify the areas in which your business can make improvements
  • Make use of your accountsto measure key facts about your business
  • Provide regular monthly or quarterly management accounts
  • Prepare you statutory accounts from final year-end trial balance
  • On tap financial director
  • Offer help at every step of the journey

Quality service from expert advisors and accountants

With over 10 years experience in accounting AMT Northumbria have had the fortune of working with clients of all sizes. At AMT Business our focus is on delivering a reliable, personal and cost effective service to you.

Business Advisors and accountants that value your unique needs

We are all unique we each have different skills, interests and hobbies. AMT Northumbria advisors appreciate individuality and believe in playing to your strengths.

By passing over all of your accounting requirements, worries, stresses and concerns you will find yourself free to focus on your strengths and allow us to utilise ours in a way that suits you.

By removing the chore of your compliance work, VAT, Tax, Payroll etc. you are free to focus on what you do best.

You can also benefit from 1:1 tax planning, proactive business advice, monthly management accounts and on tap financial direction.

It’s this straightforward, uniquely honest and helpful approach that our customers find refreshingly different.